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Dara & Dog is the studio of Dara Raffa.
Dara is a designer & self-taught stitcher with a passion
for bright colors and all things handmade.


I'm Dara and I spend my days designing & stitching adorable pets to help support animal rescues in need.

With a background in stationery design & letterpress printing, I've always loved creating a tangible product from my designs. When my little munchkin was born, I needed to find a new hands on craft, as spending hours in a print shop was no longer feasible. That's when I found needlepoint (thanks, Mom) and embroidery.

While my emphasis is on pet portraits, I also love working on fun floral monograms, family name signs and home illustrations. 

Based out of my sun-soaked home studio, I happily work with clients near and far.

When I'm not tangled up in thread, you can find me spending time with my super cool dude of a husband, my awesome little human and my adorable pit bull pup!

A portion of all pet portrait proceeds are donated to animal rescues in need!


Let's get started!

I offer design and stitching
for the things that matter most –
people, pets & places!

1. Place your order

The process begins by placing an order. Please visit the shop to see what project types are currently available for purchase.

2. Send Details

My work is custom for you, so personalized information is essential. Once I have received all required details, the design process will begin.

3. Design Proof

PDFs of your design proof will be sent to you via email for review. If any changes are needed, this is the time to let me know!

4. Stitch & Ship

Once I have your full approval on the design, stitching will begin. As soon as the knots are tied, your order will be packed up and shipped to you!


Let's connect!

To see more of my work, and life with my adorable pit bull pup, connect with me on Instagram @daraanddog.

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